Keenan Siezega: Photography / Video / Floor Plan Specialist

Service Area: Los Angeles Los Angles Booking

 Contact for booking coordination voice/text: 661-600-6316

Keenan grew up in Santa Clarita California. He studied Business Management at WGU, and attended Brooks Institute of Photography in 2005. Ever since he was 16 he developed a passion for photography and the creative freedom it offers. Keenan started out on film, having fun in the dark room watching images come to life, then next came digital, which changed everything. The options became endless and creativity had no limits.

Keenan started shooting digital at the brink of its existence. How it has changed through the years is astounding. Now when it comes to shooting architecture, landscape, fashion, etc …there are no limitations to what one can do. He has learned to craft his skill around the new features of photography which focus on post production. Staging pictures geared towards post is now what makes his images shine. What one can do today was nearly impossible only fifteen years ago. Keenan loves both ends of the spectrum and is always trying to improve his craft.

Photography is not only a passion or career, it’s a way of life.



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