Sky Blue Media is proud to offer the most complete in-house service to your real estate needs in the industry with any combination of Photography, Floor Plans, and HD Video. Here are some details on our service options.

We offer not one, but two distinct photo styles to match your needs and budget. Flash Photography is our standard shooting option and Glamour Shot Photography is our premium line. Regardless of your choice, each photo is professionally shot and individually enhanced for the best possible quality. We also add blue sky to brighten even the greyest of days.

Flash Photography

You may not be a photography enthusiast, but you know a good photo when you see one …and we aim to please. We shoot every photo in RAW format to get the most digital information possible and enhance each photo manually and individually for the best possible color and clarity. Our Flash Photography comes standard on every shoot and simply means that we use a flash to add lighting detail on every shot. We’ll  add blue sky on every exterior photo at no extra charge for those less than perfect shoot dates.  Flash Photo Tour Sample

Glamour Shot Photography

Glamour Shot Photography (GS) is our premier multiple exposure photo style for those special properties. Using a tripod we take 3 to 9 manual exposures at just the right angles for the best possible representation of each interior and exterior space. All exposures are painstakingly merged to create just the right mood, style, and stunning details …to add that glamorous touch to any property.

The Personal Touch: We love input on how you like your properties shot so feel free to give us your direction when booking or onsite. We’ll even give you the option of selecting your own photos before we enhance them, if you like.  GS Photo Tour Sample


3D Immersion Floor Plans

Virtual Floor Plans have been the cornerstone of our business for the past 8 years. Our NEW 3D Immersion Floor Plans are the next best thing to being there. You may have heard of and even used Matterport 3D Floor Plans before, but not like ours...if not handled correctly, this technology can show more blemishes than niceties, and turn off potential buyers. Allen Sprecher has partnered with us as a specialist in this field. He will work with you to make sure your property is clutter free and he shoots with the best possible lighting to make every room a beautiful experience to walk through. We also offer 2D floor plan versions as an upgrade for your online and print needs.

2D Virtual FloorPlan Tours

A simple merging of photography with a floor plan gives you a quick and easy understanding of what a property has to offer. Our  FloorPlan Tours highlight the value and potential in any property, showing where rooms are in relationship to each other and allowing buyers to visualize living in or upgrading a space. Our in-house professionals sketch floor plans on-site and then we render them to scale for our website interface, all with next business day turnaround. Floor plans are also available for use in your printed material.  FloorPlan Tour Sample

HD Video

We are very excited with our HD Video property tours because there is nothing else available like it. First: let’s be clear that this is real video, not a slideshow, ceiling fans whirl, trees sway, and you are really moving around the property, not zooming in on a photo. Second: we are fast and affordable, no heavy gear to bring in or a separate crew to wait for; our photographers shoot video as they shoot photos. This is no easy task. After years of experience we have perfected what we call “floating camera technology” to give you smooth camera movements highlighting all the unique features of your property as only real video can do. Finally: this content is professionally edited into 2 minute promo to entice viewers and posted to You-tube, Vimeo, viewable on MLS and linkable to any website of your choice.  HD Video Tour Sample

In 2015 we added aerial video to the mix using either Drone or SkyView cameras, we can get some amazing off the ground views for any property.