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3 Ways to STAND OUT in a shifting market

Image shows professional photo of a front porch of a custom home in Warrenton, VA. White text is overlaid on a translucent black background, reading "3 ways to STAND OUT in a shifting market"

Try these ASAP to STAND OUT in this changing market!

1- Leverage those listings with fresh marketing! Sure, most agents get floor plans made showing rooms and dimensions…but how many listings do you see with floor plans that have special details? Highlight luxury appliances, recent upgrades or remodels, and exterior features. Check out the difference below!

Image shows side-by-side comparison of a standard, basic boring floor plan showing only walls, room names and measurements (on the left) and an EXCITING, high-detail floor plan showing room features, built-in furniture, and exterior features including landscaping (on the right)

If you have a listing that is still on the market, for only $100 you can give it new life and impress your seller clients; Choose between a 2D high detail floor plan OR a full motion Teaser Video for any listing that needs some new excitement! Book here

! 2- Host a unique event. Pie-giveaways are popular, and they’re also becoming super common. How can you connect with your ideal client in a way that is unique to YOU? Holiday Lights social and car parade? Gratitude chain? Maybe you can invite your sphere to participate in a content event where you share their content on IG or FB stories for a month. (This one is GREAT for the algorithms!)

3- Lean into authentic marketing. YOU are your brand. There is no one else in the world who sells real estate and lives life the way you do. Most clients choose to work with people they like! (And know, and trust.) Create more content that illustrates this! Go live before/after showings to share a story. Give your unique perspective on the market or a local development in a short video. And don’t be afraid to show your lifestyle outside of work! (Your REAL lifestyle, not the image you create to try to impress potential clients. 😉) Did the dog track in muddy prints? Are you stuck in traffic on I-66? Did you forget lunch so now you’re eating whatever you can find in your car on the fly? This is authentic. This is relatable. This makes you appear easier to approach because people can see you as a real person.

Questions about any of these? Book a free 15-min marketing consult for you business with Kati, our Marketing Director! Our goal is to help your business GROW! 🌱

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