"All About You" Promotional Video

Are you torn about how much energy to put into Marketing for Listings and how much to Market Yourself? or does marketing yourself always get pushed on the back burner? Then don't choose, maximize your listings to promote your property's outstanding features as well as your own outstanding features.

We have Professional Video Options to Funnel all your Marketing into one big "All About You" basket and build Your Business.

Before we break it all down for you, one exceptional feature we provide in these video packages is an  IGTV Optimized Video to play vertically on your phone and maximize your Instagram presence [See samples on our IGTV Channel]

Professional promotional video has never been easier and more fun…yes I said it, fun! We want to capture the you that your friends, family, and clients adore. That special something that makes you, you. We also want to maximize your exposure by providing 2 Types of Video and 2 Distinct Formats.


"All About You" Teaser Video

Maximize your listings by adding a quick promo to your property for MLS and social media. Teaser Video is a 60 second highlight reel of your property's best features. Make it "All About You" by selecting IGTV Optimization as an add-on when booking and you will get 3 videos for the price of one: a traditional video with your on-camera intro, an IGTV format video, and unbranded version for MLS.  Schedule your Teaser Video

Traditional Video Format

Can I get some help with Ideas or Training?:  Absolutely, every booking includes a free phone consultation with your scheduled videographer to brainstorm ideas and clarify any questions. We are also currently scheduling free workshops so [Contact us] to come visit your office.


"All About You" Promo Video

Promo Video is just that, let’s highlight one aspect of your business, capture it quick and easy at one of your favorite locations and then we will create a stellar promo in traditional and Instagram IGTV formats. Schedule your Promo Video

Instagram IGTV Video Format


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Nancy Willson's amazing property in Sterling with a spectacular open floor plan. Toast the Good Life and see it for yourself.

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the experience, the marketing, and the passion to get your home sold at top dollar. @chrissierealestate @huntcountrysir

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