Exceptional Photos & Video at a fraction of the cost.

Photography and Video for your Business

Sky Blue Media has been at the forefront of Photography and Video technology for over 8 years with exceptional staff both behind the camera and in post production to capture what makes your business special. Be it a location or a service, products or personalities, we can capture the essence of what makes you stand out.

 Our Glamour Shot Photography is a composition of 6 to 9 images expertly shot on-site and then manually merged into one photo by our post production team to capture just the right composition, lighting, and atmosphere of  your unique environment. We also offer professional portrait or group photography of your team or clientele.

At Sky Blue Media, we call our Video Production "light weight" because  we shoot video with the minimum amount of gear, most often employing natural light and hand held video so we can easily capture spontaneous moments that make any on-camera talent more comfortable and not draw any unwanted attention to your shoot. These techniques may seem easy, but it actually takes years of practice to perfect these movements. With minimal set up time, video shoots can be fast, fun and focused on creativity, not on gear. We can also employ exterior and interior aerial video where available.


$ 400 30 Photos
Interiors, Exteriors & Close-ups
  • Any Combination of Photos
  • Interiors, Exteriors, and Close-ups
  • Portraits and Group Shots

HD Video

$ 600 per video
Promo Video
  • up to 2 minutes in length
  • Lighting and Sound
  • On-Camera and Narration