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CENTURY 21 Redwood Preferred Vendor Packages

Sky Blue Media offers any combination of photography, floor plans, and video imaginable. We have designed 4 Packages Exclusively for C21 Redwood at Discounted Pricing highlighting our most cutting edge products designed to wow your sellers and buyers. We have added Hero Video as an upgrade option on all packages.

The next generation in video has arrived [Click Here] to see a sample

Our staff is highly trained and personally invested. One person will arrive to courteously and efficiently provide any service you need and minimize the disruption to your client’s household. 

Package #1 : Redwood Marketing Advantage (RMA)

(ALL INCLUDED STARTING AT $520, based on sqft)

Perfect for Redwood Property Websites! Package includes all features that are required for company leads including a Header Hero Video, Fusion Photos, Teaser or Adrenaline Video, and a Matterport 3D tour. Check out this sample [Click for Package #1 Sample] (sample includes Movie Star Video Package #2)

  • 3D Matterport + Exterior 360 Views
  • 30 to 60 HDR Fusion Photos depending on property size
  • 1 minute Teaser or Adrenaline Video
  • Hero Video for Redwood Property Website

Package #2 : Redwood Movie Star Package

(ALL INCLUDED STARTING AT $800, based on sqft)

Everything in Package #1 plus an on-screen and narration by the agent. Yes, you are the movie star! This is a great promo piece to showcase your personality and what you love about the property.

  • 3D Matterport + Exterior 360 Views
  • 30 to 60 HDR Fusion Photos depending on property size
  • 2 minute full motion Tour Video
  • Hero Video for Redwood Property Website
  • On-Camera Video and Narration

Package #3 : RMA Light Package


Get 30 Vibrant HDR Fusion Photos, Hero Video and Teaser or Adrenaline Video for your Redwood Property Website. Upgrade to any of our other video options by clicking the Add-on when booking service 

Teaser Video On-Camera Intro
Adrenaline Portrait Mode
Adrenaline Landscape Mode

Package #4 : Fusion Photos + High-Detail Floor Plan Tour


High Detail Schematic Floor Plans show interior and exterior details like you have never seen before. At a glance the value of your property shines through; we even include the furnishings! This tour package includes multiple exposure HDR Fusion Photography + 2D printable floor plans rendered for our Photo Hot-Spot Property Website. Pricing and photo count is based on our on-site measured sq-ft.  [Click for Package #4 Sample] (video in sample is optional add-on)

Aerial Views and all of our Video options are available as Add-ons on all of our packages. [Click Here] for more info on our full line of our services.


Social Media Coaching

We are proud to introduce Kati Cutshall

Kati is our marketing expert, ready to offer a personalized plan to maximize your social media presence and build your business.