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Welcome to Sky Blue Media promotional video. Capture any service, product, or promotion in any format from any angle to wow your audience. Schedule consult today.

Sky Blue Media is proud to offer the most complete in-house service to your real estate needs with any combination of Photography, Floor Plans, and HDR Video . Scroll down for details and sample of all of our service options.

NEW Construction Photo and Video

At any phase of your project we can capture and combination of photography or video from any angle to create buzz for your development.

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Floor Plans: 2D and 3D Options

Which Floor Plan Service to Use ???  2D Interactive is simple and clean. You get all the property details including patios and decks linked to photos so you can easily see the layout. Works great for any home, especially for those that are less than perfect or in need of renovation to show potential. 3D Immersion is Matterport at its finest, a clickable virtual reality walk-thru with our 2D Interactive feature included. Best for very clean staged homes. There is no way to hide clutter on this one.

2D High-Detail Floor Plans

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HDR Full Motion Video


Welcome to the next generation HDR Video which offers you the brightest, boldest video imaginable with crystal clear views through windows, crisp details, and vivid colors. We capture video using the latest professional cameras and edit using the best grading software in the industry which breaks down the video into 6 separate High Dynamic Range exposures…what that means to you is the best possible video quality to showcase your property. [Click Here for a Sample]


Which Video Service to Use ??? Teaser Video is the best intro into using real full motion video, at 60 seconds it works great for all social media platforms. Adrenaline Video is captured in portrait or landscape mode and is a high speed, action packed 60 second thrill ride. Tour Video is a 2 minutes long, capturing all the best features of your property. We use a  camera gimbal for that floating walk through look, speed ramps, text and branding. Aerial Video can be stand alone or be added to our other video types for amazing exterior drone views. Flight is restricted to 30 miles from Reagan Airport. On-Camera can be added to any video service for that valuable face time.

Our Video Property Tours come in 6 flavors, all customizable to your specific desires. Video is the best way to get eyeballs on your property and can be posted everywhere. Agent On-Camera and narration is available as an add-on as well. All videos are uploaded to MLS, Vimeo and YouTube and you get a copy as well to promote on social media wherever you wish.

Teaser Video ($150) A quick 60 second highlight reel of your property’s best features, great for social media.

Tour Video ($300) Two minutes of dramatic and smooth gimbal camera movements to show the main living spaces and details of what make your property so special. Text and Branding our optional.

Adrenaline Video ($200) Hot New Portrait sized video ideal for viewing on your phone with speed ramps, transitions, and text elements, ideal for Instagram Reels, TikTok or any social media platform.

On-Camera Video (+$75 to $150) Add a quick On-camera Intro to any video service for $75 or add commentary throughout for $150.

Aerial Video (+$175) Drone video can be added or stand alone for dramatic sweeping views up to 400 ft (sadly drone’s are not permitted within 30 miles of Reagan Airport)

Premium Video (???) Fully custom video designed to tell a story using all of the techniques we have to offer to be as visually compelling as that special property deserves.

Social Media Coaching

We are proud to introduce Kati Cutshall

Kati is our marketing expert, ready to offer a personalized plan to maximize your social media presence and build your business.