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S2E2 – 3 Tips to Improve Your Video Content

This week I want to talk about video content, and specifically how you can improve the way you show up on video and feel more confident. This is by far the most common question and obstacle I encounter when working 1-on-1 with clients. 

First, let me just say that nearly everyone experiences anxiety with being on video, to some extent. The people you most admire for their video content went through the same feelings and process to improve. Being on video is a skill – and this is GOOD news for you because it means you can practice and improve!

Here are some quick things that helped me develop my mindset and become more comfortable over the years with various types of video:

#1 is intention. Have a purpose, overall message and goal outcome clearly in mind before you ever start the video. When you create with intention, not only does your video get to the point more quickly, but you’ll also feel more confident by taking out the guesswork. What does your audience need to hear? What do you want your audience to do as a result of watching your video? You don’t need to write everything out in scripted detail – this COULD make you more nervous about “messing up.” Instead, just have one or two things you want to touch on a dn a clear Call-to-Action for each video.

#2 is a Hands Plan. This seems kind of silly but can make all the difference – especially for live video. When I first started doing recorded and live video, my hands were all over the place and distracting, to everyone. Solution? Decide what you’ll do with them. Will you have them behind your back? In your lap? Holding something? It really doesn’t matter what. Just choose something so your subconscious doesn’t get away from you.

#3 is keep it REAL. Give yourself permission to not be perfect. In fact, make that your GOAL. At some point, you will surely stutter, forget a word, mispronounce something, or sneeze. This happens to us all, so just be you. Everyone thinks they look “awkward” or sound weird, but it’s really all in your mind when you are just being yourself. Trust me – your audience will naturally gravitate towards your authenticity!

These are the biggest things that continue to help me create regular video content, and I have one more thought to emphasize which is PRACTICE. The more you do it, the faster you’ll learn what is natural and best for you. I hate when someone says “practice” on a tips list because it’s not tangible, and doesn’t get me out of my head when I’m feeling uncomfortable. So, try the tips above, and when you combine them with consistent practice, I guarantee you will start to feel better and better about making videos.

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