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S2E3 – How to Use Social Media with your Sphere

I have a question for you: What’s your primary source of leads? And where does social media fit in? 

I would bet that if you ask any successful agent what their main source of business is, they would tell you, “repeat and referral.” Hands down. Sure they might call FSBOs and Expireds, or buy Zillow leads, but the key to longevity in this business is maintaining relationships – with your clients, neighbors, the mailman…basically anyone you manage to bring into your sphere of influence. (And you already knew that, right?)

This is where social media really shines. These are platforms designed to connect you with people that you have a relationship with. Of course, we know that social media can (and should) be used to grow and connect with new audiences, but why would you skip over the low-hanging fruit?

The tips I have for you today will help you use social media to maintain and deepen relationships with people in your sphere so that you remain the top-of-mind agent when someone’s thinking to make a move.

  1. Structured Connections – this is a term I coined last year while working with a new client to grow their sphere of influence across all platforms. Essentially, It means you go through your database methodically and seek people out on social media everywhere – or wherever it is that you want to grow. Anywhere you find them, you show them some love. Follow them, like some of their content, leave some comments, and send them a private message. Nothing huge, don’t overthink it. Just, “Happy to connect with you here”. This WILL take time and you can assign the process to an assistant of admin if you want because I’m not gonna lie, it CAN get tedious. But here’s how it benefits you:
    1. It will give you an idea of where your sphere (and therefore, ideal clients) are active on social media
    2. By doing this regularly, you show the algorithms that you are an active user of each platform, improving the reach of your content
    3. If you systematically document how you connect with them in a spreadsheet, it enables you to easily check in with them periodically throughout the year on social
    4. It grows your account, filling your audience with people who are already raving fans who will be happy to engage with and support your content

Structured Connections is a HUGE tool tip – but here are a couple more helpful things:

  1. Use soft-selling calls-to-action on your content to guide your sphere on how and when to refer you. Of course, you don’t want to constantly ask your sphere if they want to sell their house. Instead, take the pressure off them with a CTA like, “Share this video with a friend who is relocating” or “tag a first-time buyer friend!” It is very specific, not salesy, and then all you have to do is make sure the content brings value to the group you are calling out.
  2. Work in some “Bird Calls” – you know how, if you can master a bird call, you can get those birds to talk back to you? You can do that with your content by subtly working in words and phrases that only a potential lead will pick up on and respond to. Use your content to tell a story, for example, “Last month I had the pleasure of working with seller clients who were downsizing and moving closer to family – here’s how that went.” BOOM. You’ve described who you work with, and hopefully described winds or challenges you overcame for a client in a very specific situation – demonstrating expertise to build trust.

I hope these tips help you! Now, go get connected and start loving on your sphere!

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