Tanja Nixx

Skills: Photographer

Service Area: San Francisco

Ryan Soule

Skills: Photographer / Videographer / Floor Plan Specialist

Service Area: San Francisco

Magnolia Media Productions

3D Immersion Floor Plans

Service Area: Los Angeles and San Francisco

San Francisco - Booking Form

Welcome to our Online Booking Form. As a Special Launch Promotion all Services are available at $100 OFF. We are all independent professionals in our own right, yet trained in the same techniques to make sure every property gets the VIP treatment it deserves. Simply fill out the Booking Form below and you are good to go. *Please be advised: a valid credit card is required to secure a booking. You will not be charged until after you have received your materials*  

Need Headshots too? [Click Here] for info on a special discount. Please contact us if you are interested in 3D Immersion Floor Plans....we look forward to working with you.


Pricing shown is an approximate based on your input and does not include additional services you may want such as custom domains, sign riders, and print. Final FloorPlan Tour pricing is calculated by on-site measurements. Please request a complete pricing chart to use as a guide to avoid any confusion. By completing this Online Booking form you agree to the following policies.

Cancellation Policy

There is a $75 fee for canceling within 24 hours of your shoot.

Payment Policy

Valid Credit Card Information is required to secure a Booking, but you will not be charged until your materials have been released. Payment will be processed securely online through Braintree / a PayPal Company. We do not accept credit card or bank information via email for your protection.

Property Condition

Please have your property 100% ready to be photographed by the start of the shoot. Our photographers will help move a few light items but must be able to focus on shooting and sketching floor plans during their allotted time.

Rain or Shine

With the weather being out of our control and unreliable reports, we shoot as long as it is safe for us to travel. We do our best to brighten a dark, rainy day through enhancements and adding a blue sky.

Refund Policy

We will gladly provide examples of our work prior to your first booking. We give the best possible service to each listing, and if we make an error we will fix it. There are no refunds.

Privacy Policy

At Sky Blue Media, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Without your written permission, your personal information and/or materials relating to your properties will not be displayed. We do not accept credit card or bank information via phone or email for your protection. Virtual Tours and Custom Domains are live for one year (unless renewed), and will be taken offline if requested by agent or new home owner.

…we don’t particularly like all this jargon either. We just want to provide you with the best products and best possible service. Thank you so much for working with us!