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Tips for Networking at Holiday Parties

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Social calendar looking a bit full? ‘Tis the season!! 🥂

As a seasoned agent, you surely smell the lead gen opportunities a mile off. Maybe you’re hosting a client event yourself, or maybe you simple got invited to an office party. And you don’t want to be THAT person at the event, handing out business cards and harassing strangers about their equity.

Here are a few ideas to connect and network without making the event feel sleazy. 👇

✨QR code – to a digital business card, your website, your socials, etc. So easy to use since everyone will have their phone AND no one has to worry about keeping track of a small piece of card stock. This way, if a conversation is going deeper with limited time, offer your QR code and say you’d love to talk more when you can give it your full attention.

✨Ask for photos. You’re having fun, chatting, connecting, and everyone is dressed up, photo-ready. Ask if you can take photos with people, and if it’s ok to share on your social media. When they say yes, post in your stories and ask to tag them!

✨Plan a January event! Everyone has events in December. Parties, fundraisers, donation drives, then January hits and it’s gone. Plan an easy donation drive (winter hats, gloves, books etc) that gives you an excuse to follow up with people. (Maybe your QR code takes them to a place where they can sign up to donate?)

What do you think? Will you try one of these this month?

If you want more ideas to get your marketing plan set for 2023, schedule a free 15-min consult with Kati, our marketing director!

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