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Glamour Shot Photography

You remember the golden age of Hollywood, right? Where the leading ladies were always shot with that special soft dreamy glow…


…that style is the creative spark in launching our unique photo style that creates a mood, an atmosphere, not just a picture, a Glamour shot. OK, what does that mean to you?

There are a lot of names for this type of photography, there’s blended or merged or fusion. The real name is HDR ( High Dynamic Range) which means you take 3 or more images and merge them together into one using the best lighting of all 3 and eliminate the need for a flash. A lot of cameras and many smartphones can do this automatically now. The problem with this is it kinda ends up like a box of chocolates….ya never know whet your going to get. Depending on the lighting some shots can look really artificial or room colors can be really off.

For our Glamour Shot Photography line we do everything manually, shooting each photo with a tripod and merging the photos using the latest professional software to create just the right look for each and every photo. Let us know if we can give that next listing of yours that Glamourous touch.

Social Media Coaching

We are proud to introduce Kati Cutshall

Kati is our marketing expert, ready to offer a personalized plan to maximize your social media presence and build your business.