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Seamless Exterior & Interior Drone Video

Sky Whoop is a revolution in storytelling, giving you the ultimate point-of-view video experience as you seamlessly fly from outside to inside at any height, without limitation. With a traditionally edited home tour video, a viewer may lose track of where they are in a home. Sky Whoop has no visible edits so its presentation is seamless. You always know where you are, where you have been, and it’s exciting to know where you might go next! 

Sky Whoop comes in 2 flavors: Original Sky Whoop is pure drone video inside and out, but requires an FAA waiver inside the beltway; Sky Whoop Lite uses camera poles and rigs to create the same feel and can be done anywhere! Check out these samples and experience the magic for yourself. Come fly with us!

Sky Whoop Promo Video: A sample reel of several properties showcasing the limitless possibilities of drone flight video.

Sky Whoop on a Big Property: Buzzing through the trees and maneuvering through tight spaces, experience the backyard like never before.

Sky Whoop with an Invite: Feel free to invite us in and help us out the back, and we’ll fly over an amazing kitchen as we pass through.

Sky Whoop Lite: We make quick work of this DC Rowhouse with a surprising amount of space on 3 levels.

Sky Whoop Lite: A beautiful renovation from top to bottom on a large lot best seen from the air.

Sky Whoop 2 Stories: Even unfurnished spaces can come to life without the need for stairs to experience the upper level.

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