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Welcome to Sky Blue Media’s in-house Photo ReTouch Service

We have a full array of photo editing services broken down into two main categories with easy to use submission forms so you know exactly what to order and can be specific on what you would like enhanced. Virtual Staging and Decluttering is the choice if you need to add or substitute interior furnishings, and Photo Alteration  includes Day-to-Dusk, Green Grass, Item Removal and any type of Virtual Renovation you may need. We can do it all.

Don’t Have Photos Yet ??? Make sure to [Click Here] and order any photo service we offer first, and then add our Photo ReTouch Services as well. When you are ready to order make sure to upload the PRINT Quality versions to have the highest quality in return.

Virtual Staging and Decluttering

If your property is vacant and unfurnished or maybe too furnished and less than show ready, either way we have the in-house solution to for you. Virtual Staging is the perfect choice for unfurnished spaces to show buyers the potential lifestyle they could  have. Virtual Decluttering is the product of choice to have us remove unsightly items, clutter, and warn furnishings with fresh and clean virtual staging. When ordering either Staging Service, choose a Modern clean look or the Traditional plush look when completing the order form.

Virtual Staging Styles (Select Modern or Traditional in Booking Form)
[Click One of the Forms Below to Order Service]
Virtual Decluttering Samples

Virtual Decluttering is just like virtual staging except we remove unwanted clutter and furnishings first before adding new furniture in either our Modern or Traditional style. Please select the form below to request this service.

Photo Alteration - ReTouch Services

Need photo fixes? We can do it all to complete your vision on how your property should look. Choose from the following options and give us all the details with our easy to use order form: Day to Dusk ($10 per photo) – easily create that special dusk look with a daytime photo. Green Grass ($10 per photo) –  to even out blotchiness, remove bald spots, and green up brown grass. Item Removal ($5 per item)– get rid of clutter or or things that just shouldn’t be there. Virtual Renovations (custom quote) – add an appliance or complete exterior landscaping.  Pricing is based on the level of service required.

All Retouch Services have a 24 to 36 hour turnaround except for Virtual Renovations. You will receive a custom quote for that type of service with an expected turn-around time. We strive for the most realistic photo quality in all our enhancements to help you attain your vision for your property.

Social Media Coaching

We are proud to introduce Kati Cutshall

Kati is our marketing expert, ready to offer a personalized plan to maximize your social media presence and build your business.