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3 CREATIVE ways to have FUN with lead generation

Professional aerial drone photo of a townhome neighborhood with a text box overlay, reading 3 creative ways to have fun with lead generation

Low inventory got you down? Have some fun with lead generation!

Every real estate coach will tell you it’s time to double or even triple down on lead generation in challenging markets. Here are a few fun ways to STAND OUT from the crowd and build memorable relationships at the same time!

🔆Host a home-design workshop – in-person or virtually! Partner with a local home improvement store or interior designer and make sure your marketing and publicity are on point – before, during and after!

🔆Coordinate a neighborhood scavenger hunt! Participants need to find and take a picture of different landmarks or features in the area. Offer a prize and gather leads! (Bonus idea – host one ONLINE on social media!!)

🔆Organize a charity event! Whether a silent auction, charity walk or a simple donation drive, use the opportunity to network with those who share similar values to you. (And don’t forget to talk about it online and get other local businesses involved!)

Which one sounds the most fun to you??

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