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3 Fall Marketing Ideas for your Real Estate Business

Professional photo shows A paved driveway leads to a single family home, which is largely obscured by trees which are turning bright red from the top down. The text "3 ways to market your Real Estate business in the FALL" is super-imposed on the photo.

πŸ‚ Autumn is arguably the most picturesque season, which is GREAT news for marketing that is becoming more and more image- and video-driven. Kati, our marketing wiz has put together these 3 ideas to help direct your marketing strategy to finish out 2022!

1- The Local Expert – If your marketing plan relies heavily on you being the local area expert, take advantage of the local beauty this time of year! Start a series and announce it. Maybe every Thursday you can share a Fall hidden gem! Then all you need to do is make sure you have 10-12 Thursdays’ worth of photos and video clips from great places that are special to you. Try to tell a story with each one!

2- Personal Branding photography – photos and videos from your phone are great to a point, but nothing can really compare with professionally shot and edited photos to level up your marketing. Refresh your social media, website, pop-bys and email campaigns with gorgeous photos in a breathtaking location to stick in the minds of past and potential clients. Ask us about our Personal Branding Package for more info, or book here!

3- Collab with other local leaders – seek out 3-4 other businesses in the area that you love and who also are doing fall-season events or marketing activities. Reach out and invite them to collaborate! You can offer to sponsor or work an event, record and publish an interview, and even do social media takeovers to cross audiences and reach even more potential clients! Bonus – you will be forging a relationship with a business that will really love passing your referrals!

Want to get your content lined up for the next 3 months? Schedule a free 15-minute call with Kati here to see how she can help YOU boost your marketing and social media!

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