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3 Ways to Leverage THIS listing to get the NEXT one

graphic showing a fusion photo of a designer living room with a text box translucent overlay reading, "How to leverage THIS listing to land the NEXT one - 3 ideas"

Woohoo you got the listing!! 🎉 And props to you, because it is TOUGH out there this year! So let’s talk about how to best leverage this listing for your business.

How can you leverage this listing to help you land the next one? We have these 3 ideas! When used to strategically target the neighborhood or community, each can individually set you apart as the agent who doesn’t skimp sellers on marketing, just because it’s a hot market.

Because really, you want to grow your business and not just sell a listing…right?

💡1- On-camera video tour. Imagine boosting it online to residents of that subdivision! Almost like a neighbor-only virtual open house to see what the sellers have done with their remodel. 😉

💡2- High-detail floor plans. A targeted Just-Sold ad showing how your marketing prowess got your clients an exemplary result – and wow, how different do those floor plans look!

💡3- Vibrant Fusion photography – the best, truest color in the industry, guaranteed. In multiple resolutions – you could even put one of our photos on a billboard! 🙌

Ready to book??

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