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4 Reasons you should be using Short Video in your Real Estate Marketing

You’ve probably heard it before: Video is King in the digital space, and what’s more, it’s here to stay. The average internet user is spending increasingly more time consuming video, year over year. This has led virtually every digital platform to shift priority of its content to – you guessed it – VIDEO!

It’s been studied – a LOT. According to Optinmonster 72% of consumers said they would rather learn about a service by way of video, and 84% said they have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. Additionally, research has shown that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared with only 10% when reading as text! (Insivia)

What is “short form” video?

Short form video generally refers to video that can be consumed quickly, usually between 15 seconds and 3 minutes in duration. This is in contrast to long form video, which is anything longer than 3 minutes and requires more attention and interest from its viewing audience. For example, a viewer who stumbles across a quick 30-second video on Facebook with an attention-grabbing transition or first scene has a very different commitment level compared with someone who went to YouTube and intentionally searched for something like, “Steps to Buying a Home in Virginia.”

You can also think about short-form video in two categories when it comes to real estate marketing. Listing video is created for the purpose of attracting buyers and agents to sell a home, and highlights features of the property itself.

The second category is personal promotional video, that is – video created for the purpose of marketing yourself and your business, highlighting your services, experience and overall personality. In extremely tight markets with low inventory, personal marketing and branding is more important than ever and video helps set you apart.

(Check out our 6 flavors of video you can choose from. All can be adapted for listing OR personal marketing!)

So, why should you use short video in your marketing? 

1 – Rise in Consumption of Short-form Content

Short-form content is taking over, and videos less than 2 minutes long get the most engagement. (Wistia). In 2021, time spent per user on TikTok (a primarily short-form content platform) exceeded that of YouTube for the first time ever. (CNN)  This indicates that people are choosing to spend more time consuming many different quick entertaining or educational videos rather than one or two longer videos. When it comes to creating video, especially if you are just starting to get your feet wet with video content, the numbers don’t lie. You are statistically more likely to get MORE eyes on your content if you prioritize short-form.

2 – Short-form is QUICK!

Whether you are a creator or a consumer, one of the biggest benefits of short-form video is that it takes less time than long-form video. Consumers with dwindling attention spans can consume dozens, or even hundreds of videos, getting tiny bursts of satisfying dopamine.

As a creator, this means you can create multiple pieces of content in a shorter amount of time, and due to the nature of short video, viewers do not always demand or expect it to be perfect and polished. As long as you are delivering something valuable, people care less about whether you are perfectly made-up or wearing a suit. In fact, there is a huge positive trend of consumers who prefer to connect with creators who are 100% natural and authentic in their appearance and demeanor! It definitely helps with building trust online.

3 – Easy to Create Content Series

We are big fans of creating series for marketing purposes. Series make it so much easier to plan and organize your content because you are not trying to come up with new ideas off the cuff every time you go to create something. On top of that, series allow you to demonstrate your consistency, and give followers and other viewers a reason to check your content regularly.

Series also help you to establish and maintain your own personal brand. What do you want your business to be known for? What kind of presence do you want to have? What feeling does someone get when they work with you? By showing up consistently with these questions in mind, you can quickly establish a brand for yourself through short-form video.

4 – Versatility!

Short videos can be adapted for many different platforms and purposes. That 2-minute listing video for the home that sold in one day can be posted on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, your website, and can even be embedded in an email newsletter! Take short clips from it and use them to create an Instagram Reel or a TikTok that you can encourage your friends, family and followers to share, demonstrating your marketing prowess. Once you have a handful in one place, you can also use it to show potential clients how your short videos get more views to sell their home faster.

Ready to incorporate professional video into your marketing and branding?

We offer:

*Teaser Video – A quick 60-second highlight reel of your property’s best features, great for social media.

*On-Camera Video – Add a quick On-camera Intro to any video service or add commentary throughout for a guided experience.

*HD Tour Video Two minutes of dramatic and smooth camera movements to show the main living spaces and details of what makes your listing so special.

*Premium Video – Using gimbals and rigs this video is a feast for the eyes from any angle and any elevation. Speed ramps, custom text and transitions can also be added.

*Aerial Video – Drone video can be added or stand alone for dramatic sweeping views up to 400 feet in the air!

*NEW Adrenaline Video – Hot New portrait-sized video, ideal for viewing on your phone with speed ramps, transitions, and text elements. This video is perfect for Instagram Reels, TikTok or any social media platform.

For more info and to see samples of each type of video, click here!

Not sure what type of video is best for you right now? Book a free 15-min consult with our Marketing Director, Kati! Click HERE.

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