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5 Reasons You Should Use Videos for Listings

Technology is advancing every day. Our way of life has changed along with it, and your business should too. Video is the best way to keep your real estate business relevant and visible. It’s also the most lucrative medium for content. According to, 52% of marketing pros worldwide say that video gives the best Return on Investment (ROI). That’s because at least 64% of consumers purchase a product after watching a video on social media. So, with over 2 million active real estate licenses in the US, and 91% of those realtors using social media, you can’t afford to pass on this trend.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons that using videos in your property listing is vital to your success.

  1. Homebuyers Search Online:  According to the 2018 Real Estate in a Digital Age Report, about half of all home-buyers searched properties online as the first step of the home buying process. Almost all millennials searched for homes exclusively online—and with millennials making up 66% of first time buyers, that’s a segment you don’t want to ignore. The average buyer used a mobile device to search properties online, which tells us they’re searching on the go. They want as much information about a property in the easiest to process format—video. After the initial search, half of all buyers went on to purchase a home that they found initially online. Make sure your properties stand out in a sea of others online.
  1. Videos get your Site Seen: We won’t get to technical here, but the simple explanation is that sites using video and quality images are weighted more heavily by their algorithms. There’s also a separate category for video on the search page. Any video will increase your chances of showing up on the first page. Videos are also shareable and linkable, which drives traffic to your page, and in turn increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And let’s not forget about how much time people spend on your page. Videos hold people’s attention longer, thus keeping them on your page longer, and then, you guessed it, increasing SEO for your page!
  1. Real Estate is a Visual Business: So much of the home buying process is about aesthetics and visualization. People want to imagine themselves in a home, imagine what their lives would be like in it. When a potential buyer can get a feel for the flow of a home online, they can make decisions on how their life will be and get excited about the possibility. An added bonus– video of your property is like having a 24/7 open house, so you don’t miss out on a potential buyer because of scheduling conflicts.
  1. You’ll Attract Buyers and Sellers:  The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) conducted a survey of what clients want from their agents. They discovered that although 73% of sellers want an agent who will market their property with video, only 5% of agents do. Using video to market properties will set you ahead of the competition. You will also end up with clients who will refer people to you, because you provided them with cutting edge, professional service.
  1. Your Listing and Your Brand will be Shareable: In our social media driven world, videos get shared more than anything else. A professional, branded video of a property can be shared on  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Most people won’t hesitate to share a video with a friend or follower. Properties with videos have been known to receive 4 times more inquiries than those without. A good video creates buzz. A branded video creates buzz about YOU!

These are just a few reasons that professional video of your property is a tool you shouldn’t be doing business without! We’d love to help you get started.


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