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Are You Uncomfortable Being on Video?

It’s not just you. It’s a common fear among the agents we work with.

The great thing is, being on video is a skill, which means you can practice to improve!

Here are some quick things to help with mindset for your next video:

Intention is so important! Don’t write everything out in scripted detail, because that could make you more nervous about “messing up”. Instead, just have a few things you know you want to touch on and your purpose/call to action for each video.

THE HANDS! You may feel like your hands are all over the place. The solution? Just decide: will you have them behind your back? Holding an item? It doesn’t matter what, just give them a purpose so your subconscious doesn’t get away from you.

 Just be yourself! Everyone things they look “awkward” or sound weird but it’s really all in your mind when you are just being yourself. Seriously, your audience will gravitate toward your authenticity!

We LOVE helping people use video to grow their business! Which tip did you find the most helpful?

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