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Build Your Online Image

In our 8 years of promoting real estate listings it’s become more and more evident to me that we need to shift our focus to promoting real estate agents, to help build their Online Image. As you read this article keep in mind that we want to cater our products to fit your Online image. Check out our  video tutorials on how you can easily link our content to your website.

You don’t need me to tell you that today’s buyers and sellers are continually getting younger, more tech savvy, less prone to personal meetings, and more easily distracted than ever before. When you have their attention you better make a strong case for yourself because you may not get a second chance, so, since I have your attention right now, let my quickly build a case for a strong Online Image.

1.) Be your “Virtual” Self

There is only one you out there and you built your business on being you…is that you represented online? Can potential clients get a sense of who you are from your website? What makes your approach special? Why should someone work with you? We take for granted what makes us attractive to others when we meet in person, the challenge is to convey our person to person image online as well…and that is so crucial as our ability to meet in person becomes more limited by the online shopping client mentality.

2.) Attract The Online Shopping Client

Every Holiday Season the trend continues to favor online shopping over actually driving to stores, and why not? Who wants to deal with crowds and brave the elements when they can comfortably sit at home and buy online, why should choosing a real estate agent or buying a home be any different? The online shopper can also shop when it’s convenient for them. They may peruse the internet at 2am, or while at the office, whenever an idea pops in their head on something they may want. It’s at those moments when they will find you if you have used the right tools to get noticed online.

3.) The Tools for your Online Image

If you look at any online promotion for just about anything, from a toaster to a luxury car, you see the same things. Strong visual content, carefully selected and brief text content, and strong reviews. Your image should be no different so let’s start with some basic building blocks;

  • Images and Video: Nothing is more important than a good current head-shot, spare no expense on this and make it prominent. Second would be a short 30 second promo video of you. Either be on-camera or at least narrate what makes you, you. (We can help with this part) Thirdly select images of your featured listings, or images of your process, maybe you stage your homes – show pics of that, maybe you are affiliated with local businesses – show pictures of that, maybe your family life is something you often discuss or your history in a neighborhood…show images or video to tell your story whenever possible and keep the text short and to the point.
  • Social and Media: Depending on the age and lifestyle of your clientele, they may use various forms of social media and it constantly changes. I believe Facebook is paramount and then Twitter. Both take some time to build and skill to figure out. What makes them so valuable is that every post gives you more and more presence online so when someone looks for a property or an agent your name or your property comes up in their searches. Plus, you can get linked with groups and network really easily and it’s fun.
  • Testimonials: This is a no-brainer, make sure to get testimonials from clients immediately after you complete a transaction. Remember they have a short attention span and they will quickly forget how wonderful you are as time goes by. Display these testimonials proudly on your website, keep them short and try to have a picture of you with your clients as well…a video testimonial would be amazing.

4.) Brand Your Online Image

This is typically step one, but if you are anything like me you really have no idea what your Online Image Brand should be until you start to build it. You will become more aware of what your clients like about you and what makes you special as you think through the previous steps. This is when I would hire someone to build a logo, a catch phrase, layout, and color scheme for all your content. Print mailings and flyers should all match your online  branding and direct potential clients to find out more about you online. We can use this branding on all of our content as well.

I hope these steps help get you started or reaffirm what you have already done. We at Sky Blue Media feel very strongly that the more you can take control of your Online Image the better our products can work for you. Feel free to respond with an ideas I may have missed.…thanks so much for working with us.

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