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Ep. #12 – How to Leverage LinkedIn for Real Estate

LinkedIn – It may not exactly be the most glamorous or trendy social media platform, but it should not be overlooked. As a network for professionals, it might not be your target audience for finding buyers or sellers with your content, but here are some ways LinkedIn can be leveraged to grow your business:

-Since most agents who are flashy on social media tend to ignore LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to really stand out.

-When you connect with someone who actively uses LinkedIn you can create amazing referral pipelines with people in supporting industries that are more LinkedIn-savvy than Realtors. (Think mortgage lenders, marketing agencies, etc)

-If your ideal client is a high-level executive, you can quickly make an impact with professional, well-written content and a formal strategy for outreach and follow-up communication.

Before you go nuts reaching out to all those CEOs, let’s make sure your presence is ready for all the new eyeballs you’re about to attract to your content. 

  1. Update your profile, including headshot and banner as well as your headline. Make your headline clear about what you do and any expertise you have. PLEASE make sure your work information is accurate, including current and previous experience and work locations. Many active LinkedIn users search for connections based on common work or education. The more thorough you are when you complete your profile, the more potential searches you can appear in!
  2. As with all social platforms, the more content you post the better. However with LinkedIn, if you’re not actively using it as a primary lead generation pillar, once a week is plenty. LinkedIn also doesn’t mind when you share content that links to an external site the way Facebook does. WHen you share a relevant article, just make sure to write a brief introduction caption (2-3 lines) sharing your unique perspective on the content, and why you think others would benefit from it. 
  3. Remember the purpose of LinkedIn. People generally don’t come to LinkedIn’s platform for entertainment and distraction. It is a much more intentional space than the Meta cluster and even YouTube. People want to grow professionally, so don’t waste their time. Focus on providing real value to those you are hoping to connect with, and speak in terms of “we” because LinkedIn is a collaborative space. (This is in direct contrast to Meta, where Facebook is “I/Me” energy and Instagram is “You” energy.) You want your presence and your content, shared AND original, to benefit the professional collective and establish yourself as a leader and authority in your niche. 

Finally, spend some time – minimum 15 minutes a week – responding to content in your network with thoughtful comments. This will go a really long way in building relationships.

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