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Ep. #16 – How to reach cold, warm & hot leads with your CTA’s (Calls-to-Action)

This week I am wrapping up Season 1 of Tip of the Week! And because the purpose of this podcast is to empower you to take intentional action with your social media marketing, I want to leave you with the tools and mindset to help you make connections during the upcoming holiday season. 

You’ve heard me say before that there are 3 crucial elements to writing captions on social – or any kind of copywriting.

  • The Scroll Stopper (basically how you capture attention)
  • Insights (your unique perspective on the information presented)
  • The Call to Action

The CTA is where someone who was intrigued by your scroll stopper and insights is then invited to engage with you further through some kind of action. Your CTAs are a great way to gauge how compelling your copywriting is, and also a way to know who is interested in pursuing a digital relationship with you. When you are posting ANYTHING as a business owner and you skip a Call to Action, you can think of it as a wasted post. Every single piece of marketing content must be created with a desired action in mind, whether it’s, “Leave a house emoji if you agree” or “Schedule a 1-on-1 with me – link in bio.”

But wait, does that mean you should always write, “Call me to discuss your real estate needs, here’s my number”? In ALL of your posts? No. Definitely not. And the reason takes us back to the Ideal Client discussion from Episode 8.

The rule of thumb when marketing is to speak to your Ideal Client as specifically as possible. Avoid appealing to many people with generalities because, “When you speak to everyone, no one hears you.” This means that not only do you need to know your Ideal Client like the back of your hand, you also need to consider how they are thinking if they are in your cold, warm or hot market. 

I’m going to give you an example of how a potential client might think and behave differently based on whether they are a cold, warm or hot lead on social media. Now, no one knows your Ideal Client the way YOU do. Therefore, be sure to adapt the ideas to the person you are trying to reach. 

Imagine your Ideal Client is a family with school-aged children where one spouse is the primary income earner and the other is a homemaker. You are trying to reach the homemaker through your content. If that Ideal Client is discovering you for the first time and is not ready to sell a house, they are in your cold market. A Call to Action telling them to call you for a consultation will get you nowhere. You instead want to make content for them at the stage they’re in right now and MATCH THAT to an appropriate CTA. 

Entertaining content is great for building know like and trust. You could make a compilation Reel of all the weird things you saw while showing homes this summer. Some appropriate CTAs might be, “Have you ever lived in a house with one of these? Say ‘yes’ in the comments!” Make sure what you’re asking people to do is both quick and specific. Take the guesswork out of the interaction. 

What if that same Ideal Client is actually a warm lead? Meaning they are consciously considering a move in the next 6-12 months, and/or they are already familiar with who you are? In that situation, your content should aim to offer them bite-sized pieces of information to support them where they are. You could share tips for how to pack and move efficiently or expert predictions on the market. A great CTA might be, “Download my guide to selling your home in 2022” or maybe simply, “Get my checklist of things to do before you go house hunting.” Remember, you’re exchanging value. You want to provide valuable information that is relevant to them right now, and in return they give you permission to contact them when they input their email for the download.

What about your hot market? As in, the people who are ready to buy or sell RIGHT NOW that you have built at least some sort of trust with? As far as content, this would be where you create things that highlight how you’re positioned to help them RIGHT NOW. They need to know what could happen if they don’t work with you, and they need to know which action steps to prioritize to save them time and money – again, RIGHT NOW. For this situation it’s finally appropriate to invite them to “call now” or “book a consult” or “click the link in bio to find out how much your home is worth.”

As you can probably tell, successful marketing anywhere requires you to make different kinds of content in order to reach people in various stages of their customer journey. The better you know your Ideal Client, the more compelling you can make your content and Calls to Action!

And that wraps up Season 1 of Tip of the Week! Season 2 will kick off in January of 2023. While I may be taking a break from producing episodes, I’m still 100% available to answer your social media and marketing questions! Schedule your free 15-min marketing consultation for whatever you and your business need. Visit

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