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Ep. #2 – Why you need to find a way to have fun with your social media (Tip of the Week)

Social media is a skill. This means that it is something you can learn, and something you can improve upon. I 100% believe that anyone can learn this skill, and use it to successfully grow their business. Age, background, experience – doesn’t matter, anyone can learn it.

What DOES matter, and it’s the big tip this week, is finding a way to have fun with your social media. This doesn’t mean you have to dance or do goofy jokes – it just means approach it with a positive, enthusiastic attitude. Social media is social, and you need to behave as you would in any social situation. Basically, don’t be the sourpuss at the party.

If you treat it as a chore, something you dread or even hate, you will not be showing up in a way that helps you create engaging content, and you will not see good results.You will not be attracting anyone that wants to work with you or find out more about you. People can sense your feelings even through a digital platform, even through stagnant content. They may or may not even know it on a conscious level. They may just feel some kind of aversion and not want to get closer. 

Even me! I’ve made certain videos and Reels on days when I just wasn’t feeling it! Maybe I was annoyed, tired or unmotivated. I noticed that their performance was very underwhelming, compared with content I created on days where I was energetic, maybe recorded 3 videos in one day, etc.

The main takeaway is this: find something you love that you can do consistently for social media. Something that maybe you do all the time anyway! It could be answering FAQ’s for clients, touring new inventory, or maybe you ARE the jokester and you want to make video memes making fun of the industry or the market – anything you like! Maybe you give your own perspective during regular market updates! Maybe you really love highlighting locations, activities, businesses, stuff local to your community…

I’ll stop because I could probably come up with hundreds of ideas right now. The possibilities are seriously endless, especially when you start tapping into the stuff you truly enjoy, and can have fun with.

Just have some fun! – Kati

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