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Ep. #3 – How to optimize your Instagram Bio (Tip of the Week)

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Episode Transcript:

Let’s talk about the Instagram bio. Your bio is your first impression when someone discovers you on Instagram. Whether they came across your content randomly or searched for you specifically, you need to be as clear as possible to speak to your ideal clients and guide them to take specific action based on whether they are cold, warm or hot leads.

Priority number 1 is make sure you are using a professional account, NOT a personal account. You can use “Business” or “Creator” – I personally recommend a Creator account because it gives you access to the full music library for creating things like Reels which are amazing for growing your audience and reaching potential clients. The Business account by contrast gives you access to the Facebook Creator Studio. Basically this means that you can manage your Instagram account from your desktop and do things like scheduling. I like to do lots of creative things, but for you it depends on what your goal is and how you’re using your social media.

Next, getting into the actual bio, your name. You may be building a personal brand, using your own name, or promoting your business name or LLC, or perhaps a team name. Depending on marketing or disclosure regulations in your state you might want to include the word “Realtor” or your brokerage as part of your name. Be careful because you are limited to a specific number of characters!

Underneath your display name, the next part is called the Category. This can be Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Company – some agents choose to put Entrepreneur, but a lot of states want you to disclose that you are a licensed agent and a really easy way to do that is by putting it right there in the Category.

Next getting into the main part of the Instagram Bio, your “I help” statement. This is where you get specific about what sets you apart. Then you’re going to use the frame, “I help _____ achieve ______.” So basically, who are you helping and what are you helping them to do? How do you help them? What unique skill-set do you have to help them achieve their goals? This could be as simple as, “I help sellers maximize the return on their investment.” It could also be, “I help buyers and sellers navigate the crazy real estate market in Northern Virginia.” You can build it around your personality, but make sure you are speaking as specifically as possible to who you want to help. 

You can pretty much leave it at that, just the “I help” statement, OR you can add some emojis, a few words about things that you like (biking, dogs, wine etc) and DON’T FORGET your brokerage if you haven’t put it somewhere else, if that is required for your marketing disclosure. 

And FINALLY: the link! It is so important to use that one space for the link for something really valuable. Now, you might just have one website and be totally happy directing all traffic just to that website. However, you might also maintain a blog! You might have a place to search for homes, or a testimonials page on your website. Wouldn’t it be great if you could direct people to multiple locations? But Instagram only gives you ONE link space in your profile!

The solution? You can use something like (or other similar free services) to give visitors options on different ways to access your different content, or ways to get to know you.

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