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Ep. #4 – Facebook Business Page Fundamentals (Tip of the Week)

Is your Facebook Business page optimized??

We are talking FB fundamentals this week in Episode 4 of Tip of the Week! Thank you to the agent who requested this topic!



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Episode Transcript:

I have a checklist for you today, that will help you set up your business Facebook page for success! Whether you are refining an existing page or starting a new one, if you’re going to go through the effort of creating a business page (and I highly recommend that you do) you may as well optimize it for SEO and streamline it to connect with potential clients. As this IS a checklist, you may want to take notes or come back and listen again later.

#1 – Page Name – When you go to create your page, you’re going to be prompted for your name! This is the name of your page, the bold text that someone will see first when they come to your page and it’s also at the top of all your posts in someone’s feed. So, make yourself easy to find. If you own a team, a group, a company AND 80% of your marketing is for that entity, that should be your page name. However, if you’re an individual agent or on someone else’s team, verify with your team leader, but examples MIGHT include: Maggie Smith, The Smith Group; Maggie Smith, Keller Williams Elite; Maggie Smith, Real Estate – or some variation of these. Keep in mind that you can easily change your page name by requesting from Facebook.

#2 – Your username – this becomes part of your page’s URL. When you send someone a link to like or follow, it shows there. And, this makes your page easy to find through Facebook’s internal search. Try something simple, like @maggiesmithrealtor so that if you change your PAGE name, the username still makes sense. For example, if you change your page name because you decided to put Maggie Smith, KW Elite and then you change and go to Compass, make sure that your username doesn’t have to change with it. You can change your page name, but leave your username the same and make sure it makes sense.

#3 – Description – this is where you tell people who you help. You can use a similar statement to the one I explained last week in the Instagram episode, so go back and listen to that. I also recommend that you disclose your brokerage here, if you haven’t done it in one of your names.

Now, all 3 of these items are at the top when you go to Edit Page Info. Item #4 on your check list is to fill out the rest of the page information completely. It’s fairly self explanatory but if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

#5 – Services tab – Here you will likely create and describe different consultations that you offer, unless of course you have something that you charge for, and then you can include the price. Anything that is unique to your business and your expertise is a plus. For example: relocation, VA specialist, downsizing, etc.

#6 – Reviews tab – First you want to invite ALL of your Facebook friends – literally all of them. Not everyone will support you, and that’s OK! (It’s kind of a good thing to know!) Then you want to ask your current and your past clients to write you a review. You can make it easy for them by just sending them a link to the actual reviews page.

#7 – Finally, you want to make it easy for people you already know to find you. Two ways to facilitate this are:

1- On your personal FB page, make sure you put your business page as the place you are currently working by editing within your personal bio.

2- Link your Instagram page, the one you are using for business purposes, to your business Facebook page. This is easily done within the Instagram App and also in the Edit Page Info option on your FB biz page at the bottom.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of everything you can do with your business page. These are just the fundamentals, the “bare minimum” if you will, to get you on the right track.

Good luck!

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