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Ep. #5 – 7 Questions to Define your Personal Brand (Tip of the Week)

Do you have strong personal branding?

Today we are discussing the essentials of creating a personal brand in Episode 5 of Tip of the Week! Thank you to the agent who requested this topic!

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We want to make this series as helpful as possible. What do you want to learn? What tips would you find valuable?

Episode Transcript:

Personal branding is one of those concepts that has started to gain more attention in recent years. If you are an entrepreneur looking online for clients or customers, a clear personal brand can be the factor that sets you apart. If done well, you can also connect with people who know they want to work with you specifically because something you do or say resonates with them.

One very important factor for all marketing in general is consistency. When applied to personal branding in the digital space, this means your content and your messaging should support each other AND be observable across platforms.

In my experience, the best way to achieve consistency is by having a plan in place that you always refer back to. Whether you are selecting images, writing copy or engaging with a new prospect, a strategy for solid personal branding makes it so much easier to communicate who you are and how you can help.

To help you get started I’ve assembled 7 questions to ask yourself. I encourage you to reflect on each question and write out your thoughts, authentically and in as much detail as possible because this will create the foundation upon which you will build your personal brand.

1- What are you known for? (What do your friends, family and clients say about you, as a person and as a professional? Be honest! Because if you don’t like what you are known for, what would you prefer it to be?)

2- Who are you in business to serve? (BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE! In my opinion, “buyers and sellers” or even just “sellers” is not specific enough because of the thousands of agents who would likely say the same thing. How are YOU different?)

3- Why do you do what you do? (What motivates you? Why THIS career path and not others?)

4- What is your mission through your business? (Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see…” – what change do you want to see? In the industry OR in the world?)

5- What is your voice? (How do you communicate? What words or phrases do you use consistently with clients and when talking about yourself?)

6- What is important to you in your daily life that you can share regularly? (What do you do for fun? What do you prioritize, apart from your clients?)

7- What expertise do you sell? (What experiences have you had in life that make you uniquely prepared to solve problems through your business? How do you educate clients?)

As I said earlier, these questions are a great STARTING point to help you start forming your brand concept. Next week I will go through each question and evaluate myself as an example.

This is a process I guide many clients through 1-on-1 during my LAUNCH session. Would you like help with your personal branding? Send an email to and I’ll be happy to get you set up!

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