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How to Create Content for Your Personal Brand

You’re going to want to read this! 👇

The past 2 weeks we discussed the WHY and the HOW of creating your personal brand – now here are some steps to help you make actual content for your brand!

Step 1️⃣- Take your brainstorming results from the activity last week and determine 3-4 content pillars – categories that you can use to diversify your content. This 100% depends on you, your life, and your personality.

Step 2️⃣- Gather a collection of photos and videos that could potentially be sorted to illustrate one of your content pillars. This can be a combination of self-shot photos and videos as well as professionally edited materials from a personal branding shoot.

Step 3️⃣- Lay out a content plan. How often are you posting? Which content pillars do you want to use and when? How often? What type of content/post?

Step 4️⃣- Keep in mind: with each post you want to speak to your ideal client to entertain, educate or empower them. Decide what you want to do regularly for each post on your plan. Will you have a series or two? Will you always publish something light and entertaining on Fridays? Does it make sense for you to do one thing every first Monday of the month? 🤷‍♀️

Now you know how to take what is unique to you and your brand and lay out a framework. All it takes is ACTION to bring it to life!!

Did you find this helpful? Are you working on your brand story? Do you want help creating the actual content? Follow for more marketing tips!

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