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How to create MORE content for MORE engagement – in LESS time

MORE content in LESS time – Social media TIP from our Marketing Director, Kati!

You’re busy. You’re doing ALL the things:

-showing homes

-writing contracts

-going on appointments

-negotiating repairs

-communicating with EVERYONE

And still, you know social media is a great lead source, and the more content you create consistently, the more leads and referrals you can get. To make it easier for you, here are my top 3 recommendations for creating MORE content for MORE engagement, in LESS time.

1- listing lifestyle stock photos: you’re already paying for photos and video to market your listings SO maximize that investment and add on 15 min of time with your favorite photographer to get some casual, candid photos of yourself! Smart agents use content to market their listings AND themselves.

2- fast-play home tours: a normal walkthrough, but sped up to be less than 60 seconds will perform AMAZINGLY on IG Reels. You’re at the photo shoot anyway (at least for a few minutes) – do a walkthrough with your phone or BETTER YET: have the photographer record you, speed it up and edit professionally and you have a shiny Reel ready to go! Our Adrenaline Video service is PERFECT for this. (You can also split it up yourself and repurpose it a few months later in a montage 😉)

3- carousel posts: these are posts that you can swipe through with multiple slides (like above). Why not use your beautiful listing photos in this way? The value of carousels is that when a user pauses to swipe through, that extra time on your post tells the algorithm that your content is valuable, and should be pushed for more visibility. You can also do this with any type of list or market update, using one slide for each stat!

Want personalized support with your social media marketing? Connect with Kati for a consult!

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