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How to market short-term rentals

Listing vs BnB – how is the marketing different?

When you market a listing, you are selling a lifestyle. However when you market a BnB – you’re selling an ✨EXPERIENCE✨ To attract the right people, you need to tell a story through your photos and description that invites them to imagine themselves experiencing ALL a property has to offer.

And what’s fun about BnB photos is that everything in the beautifully styled photos comes with the house! The photos will also stay active and relevant to a BnB listing much longer online. Therefore, design and presentation through professional photos are arguably MORE valuable to a BnB than to a traditional listing.

(And it doesn’t hurt to have an Instagrammable feature for photo-ops 😉 ➡️ See last photo ♥️ )

Do you take professional photos for your short-term-rentals?

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