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How to market UN-exciting homes

Wouldn’t it be lovely if every listing looked like this? :heart_eyes:

But we all know that some listings are a little lack-luster. While they do pay the bills, how can you market a less exciting home that doesn’t have the jaw-dropping feature – especially when you want to offer the same marketing to ALL of your seller clients?

1- Tell a STORY! Even if the home is 1000sqft, you can count on it having a great story, whether as an investment property, a started home, home where kids were born/raised etc. When you craft your marketing around your sellers’ story, you demonstrate to OTHER sellers your ability to connect with the home’s real value.

2- Create a FEELING. Choose your favorite feature and explain how it makes you feel. Just because a fireplace isn’t “impressive” doesn’t remove its ability to portray the feeling of cozy, warm, sheltering from a storm.

3- Explain your VALUE as a listing agent. We bet it took some strategic planning to make that listing look the way you wanted it to. Did you advise on upgrades? Refer/negotiate with contractors? Did you evaluate the market and determine that it didn’t actually require anything in order to suit your sellers’ needs?

These are just a few ideas to help you on your way!

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