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How to use your SOLD listing to market yourself

AH! Did your listing sell in less than a day? Was it before you could even use all your marketing materials??

When you do your job properly for your clients, this is no surprise. Unfortunately, “SOLD in 2 days, multiple offers” doesn’t really set you apart in a market where so many agents can say the same thing.

The smart agents are repurposing their marketing photos and videos – even floor-plans after the fact to grow their business and reputation.

Try these ideas! :point_down:

:one: Use listing photos to make a slideshow Reel! Pick a trending instrumental audio and align the selected shots with the beat of the music and tell the story of the sale in the caption.

:two: Use your listing’s interactive floor plan to show how a potential buyer can experience perspective in a 2D format. Show the plan with a specific location marked, followed by the photo from that location and explain how this helps generate offers BEFORE even hitting the market!

:three: Create a video compilation from your HD tours or teaser videos to highlight “Q1 2022” or “Best of McLean” – or whatever it is you want to highlight about your business. Crop to 60 seconds and use as a Reel or longer to use as an IGTV, then share on all platforms – even in your email marketing!

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