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Meet Sean Conroy: Photo/Videographer

Sean Conroy, photographer with Sky Blue Media, on a ski lift above a snowy mountain wearing snowboarding gear, sitting with 2 other people.

How well do you know YOUR photographer? 📸🎥 At Sky Blue Media, we prioritize relationships with our clients. It’s important to us that you know and feel comfortable with the person you are inviting into your clients’ homes. So, let’s get to know Sean!

Hometown: Chantilly, VA

Favorite style of home: large homes – I love having space to work with! It gives me the chance to really have fun with a shoot.

Favorite thing to photograph: action sports, landscape, wildlife

Hobbies: Pretty much any board sport. Skating, snowboarding, wakeboarding. I love being outdoors, but also enjoy a solid video game sesh.

Pets?? Soon hopefully!!

Favorite local place to eat: Bar Taco …okay it’s not exactly “local” but I’m obsessed.

Karaoke – Yes or no? Hmm maybe after a few cocktails, probably a classic rock song

What is the last movie you saw? Shutter Island…what a thrill. 10/10 would recommend.

What do you listen to in the car? Honestly, whatever my mood is.

If you could choose anyone, dead or alive, to be stuck in NOVA traffic with, who would it be? Someone very interesting so I don’t have to think about NOVA traffic.

Have you worked with Sean? Show some love and say “hi” in the comments!

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