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NEW! 16:9 aspect ratio for Adrenaline Video

🚨Heads up!🚨 Adrenaline Video has a new option!

For the first time, we are debuting HORIZONTAL Adrenaline Video, shot for this gorgeous listing from Suzanne Parisi in Herndon!

Adrenaline video is different from traditional listing video in that it is shot very quickly, with speed ramps and fast turns. It inspires excitement and anticipation, perfect for catching attention on social media. It has been shot exclusively in vertical, 9:16 aspect ratio for use on Instagram Reels, TikTok and YT shorts…

Until now!

Now you can have the same eye-catching Adrenaline effects, in a horizontal format! This is great for uploading classic YouTube videos, Facebook videos, embedding in email marketing, and on LinkedIn.

This is also a great conversation to have with your seller clients. Some sellers may want to share a video with their own network, so it’s important to know how and where they will use it, so you can offer them personalized marketing to serve their wants and needs.

Does your listing deserve an Adrenaline Video? Give it a try! Your choice of vertical OR horizontal aspect ratio. $50 off your first one – Click here to schedule the promotion!

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