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Perfect Pop-Bys


Trying to build and maintain client relationships? Want to increase referrals? Spring Market is a great time to gain some momentum. Pop-bys can help you do both!

Tips for a Perfect Pop-By

  • Standing room only: A pop-by is just that–you’re popping in for a brief visit. No need to take a seat, even if offered. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Keep it simple: No need to spend a ton. It’s the thought that counts.
  • Make it useful: A practical gift is the way to go. Be sure your gift is something your client will use, i.e. snacks, household items, gardening items, lip balm, etc.. Stick with non-perishables if you plan to keep a stash of gifts in your car.
  • Make it memorable: Make sure your clients remember who the gift came from. Include a business card, or a tag with a fun phrase related to you or your client.
  • You’ve got time for that: Be sure to stress that you appreciate their business, and that you will always have time for their referrals.

Ideas for Pop-By Gifts

Check out our Pinterest page for some great pop-by ideas for Spring. Share your favorite pop-by ideas in the comments.


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