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Personal Branding Dos and Don’ts

👇 Ever wondered what you should be doing AND avoiding when it comes to your personal brand?

✅Do: Communicate authentically as yourself. Use words and phrases that are normal for how you speak naturally.

✅Do: Identify 3-5 core elements of your brand and built consistent content around them.

✅Do: Tell personal stories through your photos, videos and captions.

❌Don’t: Try to speak to everyone. When you speak to everyone, no one hears you because it doesn’t seem like you’re speaking to anyone in particular.

❌Don’t: Use generic graphics and captions. You want to STAND OUT in your marketing, not blend in!

❌Don’t: Take yourself too seriously. You have your own unique way of being human and that’s what facilitates connection! So don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself occasionally or share a learning opportunity.

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