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S2E4 – How to Create More Meaningful Content

My goal this week is to give you a perspective shift. To start, please take a moment and consider this question:

Why should someone choose to work with you over your closest industry competitors?

If you can’t answer that question immediately, with at least 5 reasons WHY ME, you have a problem. Specifically, you have a marketing problem because without knowing your unique value proposition, your content and message are going to be lost in a sea of sameness.

The fact is, you are the niche – and I know that has become cliché so by that I mean that you yourself have a multitude of unique gifts and skills. Your business is simply a vehicle for sharing your gifts with others. In this way, the better you are at sharing your gifts, the more profitable you will be!

A lot of people go into life and business with this concept backward. They want to make money so they focus on that, without evaluating how they are uniquely positioned to serve. I see this so often with Real Estate professionals, as well as network marketers – they select their business vehicle before analyzing their gifts. 

Let’s address this issue with an exercise. Below is a series of four questions. After reading each one, set a timer for 90 seconds and just write, stream-of-consciousness style. I DO want you to write this out because THAT’S how you’ll start to create more meaningful content. 

You might be thinking, “OK, but what does this have to do with Marketing?”

Great question! Marketing is simply communication, but communication of value, TO the specific segment of people you are best-suited to serve. If you are unclear about how you are positioned to help people, your marketing will always be a lackluster version of what it COULD be – so if you want some clarify, take 10 minutes for yourself and do this exercise.

Here are the questions:

  1. What do you truly love about the product or service you sell?
    • This is brainstorming the benefits and value of your product/service/experience
  2. What skills and/or knowledge have you obtained throughout your life that benefit or bring value to your ideal clients?
    • NOT the product/service itself – we just did that. This is referring to how you can facilitate someone’s successful experience with your business
  3. What gifts were you blessed with that benefit or bring value to your ideal clients?
    • This is about who you are inherently – not things you studied or learned through experience. These are your superpowers. Things you are naturally good at or passionate about.
  4. What are your top values in life? Why?

If you feel yourself stuck on any one of these, take note. And consider asking that question of people you trust in your life. Sometimes it’s really hard to put into words, or even see our own strengths. Our minds tend to self-sabotage so ask for help!

And TA-DA! You now have tons of potential marketing content to break up and work into your strategy. You can also use this exercise to rework your mission and vision statements, communicate gratitude, share tips through personal stories, and incorporate into all sorts of video content!

I help real estate professionals and small business owners achieve clarity on their purpose and communicate through authentic marketing. This is just one of the exercises I use with 1:1 clients. If you want support in any aspect of your marketing, make sure to book a free 15-min consult with me at

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