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S2E7 – 3 Essential Videos for Real Estate Marketing

By now, you’re probably aware that video is crucial for your video marketing. But, what kinds of videos for real estate should you really be making? Today I want to tell you about the three types of videos you must make this summer to boost your marketing efforts. 

Honestly, you should be doing these ALL the time, but this summer while everyone else is on vacation and taking some time off, why don’t you double down yourself and seize some valuable market share?

If you want someone to work with or buy from you, you need to build trust. To do that, you need to convey 2 things: your honest expertise and your authentic personality. Most people aren’t ready to do business RIGHT NOW so you need to secure your position in their minds as a real person they like, and that you know what you’re doing.

So here we go!

The first type of video is the Knowledge Broker – or you can think of it as the Teacher Video. If you know what you’re doing in your industry, you need to get over your fear of being on camera and TALK TO IT. Not sure what topics to cover? Start with your Frequently Asked Questions and then break each one down into bite-sized chunks because you really don’t want to overwhelm your viewer – and anyway, attention span is so limited especially on social media. Stick to things that really capture attention and convey instant value to the person you’re trying to reach. (Click here to learn more about attracting your ideal real estate clients!)

The second type of video is what I call Doing The Work – meaning, show yourself on the job: showing homes, attending inspections and closings. This is where your video walk-throughs come in. It could be professionally done, professionally edited, or it could be just you, holding a gimbal and showing the home yourself. Basically you want people to instantly associate you with whatever service you’re selling.

The last type of video you HAVE TO make is Local & Lifestyle. This is so crucial for you in the real estate industry because your business is hyper-local. Similar to brick-and-mortar businesses, you want to associate yourself with the geographic area where your ideal clients live – OR if they’re relocating clients, where they WANT to live. This involves sharing relevant information about the area and also how you live and participate in the community. These types of videos could include interviews with local businesses, yourself out and about being a patron at local businesses. And sure, everyone thinks about the restaurants and coffee shops but this could also be the vets, if you’re an animal lover, or the chiropractor, or perhaps the gyms you attend or places where you stay physically active. This type of video will build the “Like” part of Know/Like/Trust because people will connect with the aspects of your lifestyle that they themselves value. 

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