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Slideshows vs. REAL video

Video is definitely the best form of marketing content BY FAR these days.

However, lately we have had several conversations with agents who were frustrated that their “video” wasn’t performing well or getting much engagement. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the “video” they were using on their website was actually just a slide show. (Shown just below)

While a slideshow is slightly more eye-catching since photos are moving on their own, at the end of the day it is simply a repurposing of still photos. They don’t give any more insight into how a home feels or flows.

By contrast, a REAL video provides a completely different experience. The viewer gains new perspective and can see the home from a variety of angles. Buyers are inspired to imagine how they might utilize the space and what it would be like to live there. This is a GREAT value-add to explain when speaking with seller clients!

You are having professional photos done anyway, so it definitely wouldn’t hurt to turn them into a slideshow at some point. However, for the purpose of effectively marketing a home (and winning listings!) we 100% recommend using true video to impress! Check out all 6 types of video we offer!

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