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Success with Sky Blue Media: Share Your Story

At Sky Blue Media, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality service and products. But we don’t take our word for it… we want you to hear it straight from our clients; so we asked Christine Goodrum to share her experience.

Christine Goodrum has been a realtor for about 3 years, and recently joined Hunt Country Sotheby’s International Realty in Leesburg, Virginia. Christine told us that she has had positive experiences with other photographers in the past, but she had a listing that she felt needed something more. “I really wanted someone to help showcase this property, and make it look great.” She asked some colleagues from her brokerage for a recommendation and they led her to Sky Blue Media.

Christine was a bit unsure of how things would play out, as the property was listed for twice as much than others in the neighborhood; she even had others question if it was priced appropriately. Listing a property for $1.75 million in an area priced around $875 k was a big risk. She chose to invest in the full package, HDR photos, floorplan, aerial, and HD video. She knew it was worth it when she saw the results, “The photography just stood out so well, especially the dusk and aerial shots.”

Click to See the property tour for yourself here!

The property SOLD in 11 days for the Full Listing Price, no concessions. Offers continued to pour in, even after it was under contract, with people expressing great interest in submitting backup contracts. Chrissie says it was because the photography and video were “just so impactful.”

“Working with Roman felt like going to a restaurant, and Gordon Ramsey, this amazing chef, personally cooked a meal for me.”

When asked what she felt set Sky Blue Media apart from other photographers she’s worked with, she said “It’s the attention to detail. They really went the extra mile to make sure that it was artistically pleasing.” She said that she could tell he “really knows his stuff, from a professional and artistic standpoint…You can tell you’re dealing with master class level people.”

“My client was treated so professionally and kindly, I just didn’t have to worry. That’s such a relief as a realtor–to have professional people who make you feel like you’re important, like you’re part of the A Team.” 

During the shoot, the photographer had the chance to interact with the homeowner, who was very impressed with the level of professionalism and care. Christine enjoyed working with us, so she booked us for another listing she had. They, too, were very pleased with the results–in awe of how great their home looked.  “They loved how the colors popped, and said their house almost looked better than it does in real life.”

Christine noted that, aside from getting her current listings sold, there’s an added benefit.

Working with a company that has stellar service, beautiful photo and video, unique floor plans, and personable photographers makes her look good as a realtor.

“That helps me market myself to future customers. I will be using Sky Blue Media again and again!”

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