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Summer Vibes: Embrace Your Creativity

promotional graphic for Sky Blue Media's Summer Vibes promo service: Showing variety of home staging props

Summer Vibes deal alert!! Are you ready to take your real estate marketing to the next level? This summer, it’s time to infuse your video content with a healthy dose of fun and personality. Gone are the days of static images and generic descriptions. By incorporating a touch of creativity and personalization into your videos, you can captivate your audience and stand out in a crowded market. But don’t just take our word for it; let the statistics speak for themselves.

According to a survey by Epsilon, 90% of consumers aged 18-64 said they find personalization appealing and almost 70% of consumers want companies to personalize their communications. (Accenture) Where websites are concerned, according to Vidyard 93% of businesses surveyed saw improved conversion rates when their sites were personalized. This remarkable surge in engagement can be attributed to the power of human connection and the ability to create an emotional bond with your viewers.

Personalized videos allow you to convey your unique personality, expertise, and enthusiasm. By appearing in your own videos, you establish trust and credibility with potential clients. It’s an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of the local market, share valuable insights, and differentiate yourself from the competition. In an industry where trust is paramount, personalized videos offer an authentic and engaging way to connect with your audience.

Furthermore, personalized videos have been proven to increase conversions and lead generation. Personalized videos have around 16 times higher click-to-open rate and around 4.5 times increase in unique click-throughs. ( By humanizing your marketing efforts and bringing your listings to life through video, you can capture the attention of prospects, increase inquiries, and ultimately close more deals.

But beyond the numbers, embracing fun in your video marketing has additional benefits. It allows you to inject your personality, passion, and unique selling points into your content. You can create memorable experiences for your audience, leaving a lasting impression and fostering stronger connections. By embracing creativity and having fun with your videos, you have the opportunity to truly showcase what sets you apart as an agent.

sample prop for Sky Blue Media's Summer Vibes promo service: showing a bright tablescape with sunflowers in a vase and yellow tumblers and yellow napkins on a plate

Introducing: The Summer Vibes PROMO!

Get 30 beautiful Fusion Photos and our signature high-energy Adrenaline Video AND we will also provide some inspiring Staging Props. Be prepared to be on-camera as our tour guide as we choreograph an entertaining video experience that you will love to share! (Booking will include a phone consult to go over specific ideas for your property)

Book here!

This summer, let your creativity soar and embrace the power of fun in your real estate video marketing. Experiment with different storytelling techniques, inject humor, and show your genuine excitement for your listings. The ultimate goal is to make your content fun and engaging and capture the attention of your next buyer or seller. They might not be ready RIGHT NOW, but with something authentic and memorable, you’ll be top of mind when the time comes. So, grab your camera, let your personality shine, and watch as your video marketing takes off to new heights.

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