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The Challenges of Real Estate Photography

We love our work, but make no mistake – it is NOT without its challenges! Sometimes we step into very high-risk environments (as seen above).

Is it dangerous? Sometimes. Are we intimidated? Occasionally. Sacrifices ARE made, for the benefit of our clients and their businesses. You’re welcome.

All jokes aside, one of the biggest challenges we face as real estate photographers/videographers is when we arrive to a property that just isn’t ready for us. We can work around even the most enthusiastic of dogs, but sometimes the sellers haven’t been adequately prepared for photo day.

If it is a clutter issue, we can work with that, as we provide virtual decluttering as an add-on. A friendly message to agents: please remind your clients that these photos and videos are going to be the main visual attraction in your marketing to entice buyers to come to the home and submit their highest offers. Simple things like a spotless kitchen, well-made beds and a plan for the family pets go a very long way in helping us capture the property in the best way possible.

And just maybe, remove the “Beware of Dog” sign.

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