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The Floor Plan 4-1-1 : Should you add a floorplan to your listing?

2 types of floor plans are displayed side by side comparing a 2D interactive floor plan to a 3D Matterport floorplan

Why add a floor plan to your listing?

Floor plans help convey a complete picture of a property, and give buyers a better sense of space than photos alone.

In fact, we recommend uploading your Sky Blue floor plans as a photo in the MLS, rather than an additional document alone.

But which type of floor plan should you choose??

✨2D Interactive – Sketched on-site by our in-house professionals and then rendered to scale for our website interface. We include interior and exterior upgrades, furnishings and landscape details to show the value of your property. Then we integrate our professional photography as photo hot spots on your property website to bring every room to life!

✨3D Immersion – We use Matterport’s walk-thru technology in a unique way that accentuates the finer features of the property and attracts more buyers including 360 exterior views! We add our Interactive Floor Plan View and provide 2D plans as well to complete the presentation.

Click here to see examples of each floor plan! 

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