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Using a Floor Plan for your Land or Lot listing

A floorplan for a land listing?? :thinking_face:


When you are selling land, especially a buildable lot, it is even more important to highlight the features of the property that a buyer could imagine experiencing.

A lot is like a blank canvas. What views could the buyer enjoy out the living room or master bedroom? Is there a path to a water feature? Can you see any neighbors? Is there already a driveway or some other access?

We can use our 2D Interactive floor plans to guide buyers and agents through what they might see at different points on the property. This is very helpful for showings as well!

Look below to see the locations of each photo that can be accessed via the interactive floor plan on the tour website.

This is an exceptional feature to offer sellers of land in your listing presentation! How many agents are using floor plans for land? :wink:
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