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What is Personal Branding??

What does it even mean??

“Personal branding” is one of those terms for which 5 different “experts” will give 5 different definitions. :exploding_head:

Don’t worry – they all say virtually the same thing. Here’s an overview to get you going:

“Branding” is marketplace recognition. It can be intentional OR unintentional/accidental. What do you think of when you hear “Volvo?” How is it different from when you hear “Tesla”? Or “Mitsubishi”? Did these companies inspire your image of them intentionally thorough marketing or unintentionally through experience and word-of-mouth?

Your “personal branding” is marketplace recognition of you as a person/business owner. It is all aspects of how clients perceive you based on your own vision, values, purpose, personality, professional conduct, etc. It is HEAVILY influenced by your marketing and how effectively you communicate your unique value proposition.

So HOW do you intentionally build your personal brand?

Your best approach is to cultivate all digital avenues so that they harmonize well. This means having a clear vision of what you are trying to communicate, and then using photos, videos, and written content effectively and cohesively.

We’ll get into that more next week :wink:Do you feel personal branding is important for YOUR business?

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