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When to use Fusion photography for your listings

professional Fusion photo of the interior of a home in McLean, VA - showing tray ceiling with exposed beams, open floor plan merging kitchen with living room and gas fireplace.

When should you use Fusion 📸 photography?

There are 2 main types of photography used for Real Estate, and last week we talked about when you should use Flash. But what about Fusion?

Fusion photography, (AKA Sky Blue Media Glamour Shot photography) involves capturing each shot with 3 different exposures. In the editing phase, these 3 exposures are “fused” into one, allowing for richer and more realistic colors and more even lighting. Fusion photography is typically more expensive than Flash due to this more in-depth editing process.

So when is it worth spending the extra 💰?

✨When the property has larger spaces which prevent a flash alone from capturing them correctly (Ex: 2-story living rooms)

✨When there are darker, more dramatic spaces or rooms rooms where the ceiling is not white

✨When the property has unique, custom or luxury features that you want to stand out

In our market, we typically recommend Fusion photos for properties listing at $1M or more – or at least for homes above the local average price point.

Was this helpful? Do you prefer Flash or Fusion photos for your listings? Click here to see more samples of our photography!

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