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Why 2 types of photography??

Professional Fusion photo of a living room with dark leather furniture and coffered ceiling

😱 Are you wasting $$$ on your listing photos??

Most new clients we talk to have NO idea why we offer two types of photography. They are called Flash and Fusion. Most people assume that Fusion photos are always better, simply because this service is more expensive. AND many of our main competitors only offer Fusion.

The reality is that Flash photos are ideal for certain types of properties. Flash photography relies on the ability of the flash to reflect on walls and light-colored ceilings to illuminate the space. So for condos and homes that are well-lit with normal sized rooms, Flash photos will do the best job AND save you money!

Fusion photography works by taking multiple exposures and then merging them in the editing process – hence the higher price tag. Fusion will work very well for homes that are not well lit and homes that have more elaborate features – think 2-story living rooms, wide open floor plans, or rooms with a lot of rich, dark color.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure you are getting the right photos to present your listings. If you aren’t sure which type of photography is best for YOUR listing, ask us! We will tell you honestly what we think will best serve any property and we can even adjust your service on-site at your request. (Meaning, if you book Fusion/Glamour Shot photos but we arrive and you think it might be better with Flash, we will evaluate and change with no change fees.)

This is all part of what we do to serve our clients at the highest level. Give us a call Monday through Friday between 10 & 2 to talk to Kati, our in-house marketing consultant. It’s free! πŸ“ž855-678-8687 and dial 1 for Customer Care!

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