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3 Ways to use an Interactive Floor Plan for your Listings

If you have made the decision to include a floor plan in your listing’s marketing, CONGRATULATIONS! You have joined the less than 10% of listings that include this desirable feature! (Chicago Agent Magazine)

NAR research from 2017 shows that a floor plan is the third most important item to buyers shopping for a home online, after photos and a detailed description. The demand has only increased since then due to internet traffic trends caused by the pandemic. Buyers love them because a floor plan can help them start to envision themselves in the home, and how they might utilize the space. A floor plan allows the buyer to get a feel for the flow that individual photos don’t always provide. This means that more serious buyers inquire and come to view the home, because they already have a better sense of what it offers.

Despite the benefits, most real estate agents still don’t use them!

Floor plans are nothing new, and they range in detail from simple outlines of rooms and walls to complex virtual tours. The Sky Blue Media interactive floor plans offer the unique opportunity to combine your professional photos with a 2D layout, and include stationary features of the home such as the kitchen island, columns, and major furniture. They even include exterior features such as a deck, patio or fire pit!

The interactive floor plans use software that create photo hotspots around the home. A buyer can visit the property’s unique website, click a small photo icon located on the floor plan, and immediately see the professional photo with the view from that location in the home. The same technology can also be used for land listings to illustrate views and perspectives from different locations around the property.

We have three suggestions for ways to use this marketing piece effectively for your next listing.

  1. Add the 2D floor plans as photos to the MLS, not merely uploaded to listing documents files. This ensures that no matter where a buyer sees your listing distributed online (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor etc), they will not only see the photos but also get a feel for the space in the home.
  2. Use the floor plans as social media posts for your listing. This not only engages potential buyers, but also catches the eyes of potential sellers when they see a new type of floor plan, setting you apart from other listing agents. (We gave an example of how to show off these floor plans in our post: How to market your Real Estate business using your SOLD listing’s floor plan)
  3. Maximize the utility of your unique property website, and include the link in your email blasts, social media posts as well as in your listing information. These floor plans truly shine when people are able to engage with the photo hotspots.

To learn more about our 2D Interactive Floor plans and see an example, visit our website here! Never hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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