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S2E6 – Engagement 101 – the What, Why & the HOW

ENGAGEMENT! Let’s talk about it. This word gets tossed around a lot, but let’s break down exactly what it means for you in this 101-level 411.

WHAT is it? Engagement is a term that refers to online interactions with content, particularly content on social media platforms. Depending on the platform, a variety of options are available to you and considered “engagement,” including: likes, comments, saves, sharing, favoriting, recreations, pinning, tags, direct messages…and more. What it does is tell the algorithm 2 things. The first is that this type of content has value, and should be distributed to others who like this type of content. Basically, to give it more eyes. The second thing it tells the algorithm is that your content is valuable to this specific person who’s engaging. So, they should see your content as a priority when they log into the apps.

WHY do you want it? Whether you are a creator or a business owner, your goal on social media is to be found, seen and appreciated by the right people. On the micro level, you want to know that your content is resonating with your target audience, and that feedback can be measured in engagement. You also want to be developing relationships with people privately, in the DMs or elsewhere, and engagement facilitates this. On the macro level you want to be reaching MORE of your target audience. The algorithm will help you reach them, and engagement will tell them how to do it.

HOW to get it? Well, the quickest and simplest way is to start doing some intentional engagement yourself. Set aside a few minutes and seek out the people you would like to engage with your stuff. You’ll know they’re the right people if you look at their profile and know that some of your current content will help them, right now. But regardless, give them some different types of engagement love – some likes, some comments, maybe respond to a story – and just make this a habit. Then the longer way that you can build relationships and engagement over time is by telling your story in a way that invites people to follow you on your journey in a real, authentic way. This way is SO much fun, and allows you to personalize your content, as well as your product or service. You can personalize it in ways that are authentic to you, that are fun for you, that REALLY the people you want in your life are going to be attracted to. (Check out How to Make More Meaningful Content) Making a habit of telling your story AND giving out some of that engagement love is really the best combination to skyrocket your social media presence. 

Was this helpful for you? I would truly love to know what you think. Send your feedback and any questions to me directly at and if we haven’t met already, schedule a 15-min consult with me. It’s FREE!

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