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Real Estate Photography in Northern Virginia – Things to know!

Most agents have NO IDEA!! The Real Estate market in the DMV is unlike any other elsewhere in the country.

…And RE photography is the same! How many of these do YOU know about photography in your market?

1️⃣ Availability for aerial/drone photos and videos depend on restrictions around airports – especially around Reagan National (see post: Drones in the DMV)

2️⃣ There are 2 main types of photography offered by most vendors in our area: Flash and Fusion. While fusion is more expensive, it does not necessarily mean it is the best option for every listing. (See posts: When to use Flash photography and When to use Fusion photography)

3️⃣ Some vendors do unrealistic photo editing – hyper-saturating colors to appear more vibrant and eye-catching, but producing inaccurate and misleading images. (See photos below) Some will also over-straighten, creating a Dr. Seuss effect for some homes.

4️⃣ Most 2D floor plans are very basic and rudimentary. Sky Blue Media is the ONLY vendor in the market offering customized, high-detail floor plans that highlight a home’s best features!

5️⃣ Many popular vendors in our market are hyper-corporate; huge companies offering cheaper rates, but treating clients (and employees) as numbers with limited customer service availability to address possible concerns. We are a small business, and each of our photographers is trained in every aspect of our service offerings. They will advise you on-site about the best type of photography to showcase your listing, and can add or remove services on the spot.

We want to support you in growing your business and increasing your market share!

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